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1st REAPA Meeting of the Year Sept 9th


Inagural Gala Promises Elegant Evening


Wines of the World - A Smashing Success

* Redeemer Academy Concludes Successful Summer

Redeemer Episcopal Academy is a proud member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools.

Episcopal School


What It Means to be an Episcopal School

The work of the Redeemer Episcopal Academy is steeped in the spirit of the Episcopal Church belief statement, “God of creation, redemption, and constant presence and love.”  In understanding the philosophies of our school, we have referenced publications of partners interested in expanding our business such as SpecialEssays.com and the National Association of Episcopal Schools’ publication, The Idea of an Episcopal School, which states:

  • “Episcopalians, like all Christians, believe that our life is founded on the life of Jesus, and that as a church, we are called to offer the redeeming love of God in Christ to all people and their families, and of the belief that God calls us to love all God’s children.”
  • “Our Church encourages respect for the other person’s beliefs.  An Episcopal school may be expected not to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or national origin, and actively seek out faculty and students of diverse backgrounds and traditions in the belief that they bring something to be valued and respected and because we would like to be broadly inclusive of the community we serve.  An Episcopal school will look for the values that unite people rather than those that divide and not allow factionalism to undermine the life of the whole.”
  • “We believe that the truth will make us free and that God has given us the freedom to seek the truth without fearing where it may lead.  This suggests that our understanding of truth may grow and change, that God welcomes questions, and that we may subject all our ideas and beliefs to our critical faculties.”
  • “An Episcopal education should begin from the premise that we (faculty, students, administrators, staff) are all a community of explorers, that we all need to continue to learn and to grow.”
  • “An Episcopal school should make a concern for society a part of its program.  The school will help students to understand that they do not exist apart from society, that society’s issues are their issues, and that they are called to respond to the needs of others.  Students will be encouraged not just to share what they have with others, but to understand the issues and complexities of society and to consider what their individual and corporate responsibilities are and to take action.”
  • An Episcopal school is founded on love.  Love for students, for their values as children of God, for their unique gifts, must undergird everything we do.  We must act out of love, teach love, model love, and love one another in our community above all else, or all else will be meaningless.”


"We wanted our daughter involved in a school where the foundation was built on faith in God. We wanted her to see her faith work in all environments outside of church and home. Redeemer Academy is a school that is accepting of all people and their faiths and has an Honor Code that holds not only the students responsible, but also the teachers, faculty, board and parents accountable. This Redeemer Academy is an answer to our prayers." - Kristen, 2nd Grade Parent  


Redeemer Episcopal Academy is open to all children
regardless of race, gender, creed, religion or national origin

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