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Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid Information

2008 - 2009 Tuition and Admissions Process
· Submit application with $125 non-refundable application fee
· Ask current teacher to submit Teacher Recommendation Form
· Submit Transcript Release Form to current school
· Schedule Redeemer Episcopal Academy assessment

TUITION 2007-2008
We are currently enrolling for the 2008-2009 academic year for classes where space is still available.


1 Child:  ½ or full day $4,900

Pre-K4 through 3rd Grade

1 Child:  $7,250 until September 30, 2007
  $6,344 until January 2, 2008
  $3,625 after January 2, 2008
2 Children:  $14,000
  $11,688 until January 2, 2008
  $6,750 after January 2, 2008
3 Children:  $20,000 until September 30, 2007
  $17,032 until January 2, 2008
  $9,875 after January, 2, 2008
PreK 3 ½ Day:  $5,437.50 until September 30, 2007
  $4,758 until January 2, 2008
  $2,718.75 after January 2, 2008
PreK 4 ½ Day: $5,437.50 until September 30, 2007
  $4,758 until January 2, 2008
  $2,718.75 after January 2, 2008
  $2813 first semester **
  $3750 second semester
  ** ½ day for PreK 4 available first semester only
* Tuition will be prorated for children entering after September 30  

Founding Family Benefit 
For those families who are enrolled by December 31, 2007, there will be the Founding Family Benefit.  This program will lock in the first year tuition structure of, $7,250 for one child, $13,500 for two children and $19,750 for three children, for this academic year up to and including academic year 2009-2010.  Founding Families are only responsible for 50 percent of any future tuition increase after academic year 2009-2010.

TUITION 2008-2009
Our 2008-2009 2009-2010 enrollment period begins on November 1, 2007. 2008  To be considered in the first round of applicants, applications must be submitted to the school by February 15, 2008.  2009

PreK 3 through 3rd (possibly 4th) Grade

1 Child:   $7,500
2 Children: $14,000
3 Children: $20,500
PreK 3 ½ day: $5,625
PreK 4 ½ day: $5,625

Redeemer’s Financial Aid Philosophy
Redeemer Episcopal Academy is committed to providing financial assistance, within our resources, to students who would otherwise be unable to attend the school.  Such an intention on the part of REA reflects a heartfelt commitment to the community and trust in the financial support of family and friends of the school.  While REA is dedicated to such a mission, responsibility for a child’s education rests solely with the family and requires substantial commitment and prioritization of resources on their part.  An independent school education is an investment in a child’s future, and therefore, requires sacrifices.

Redeemer’s Financial Aid Policy and Process
The processes of determining admission and financial aid are separate and evaluations are completed via two different committees with the oversight of the oversight of the Headmaster. In no case will a child be denied admission to the school because of implied, inferred or demonstrated financial need. Because our resources are limited, however, we must allocate aid in accordance with the mission, philosophy and expectations of the school. Therefore, not every child in need will receive an award. Financial Aid is reviewed annually based on a family’s financial situation. Families who experience extenuating financial circumstances may be given a special one-year financial arrangement. Tuition payments must remain current at all times to prevent dismissal or denial of re-enrollment.

Financial Aid Process

It is the policy of REA not to release any records, report cards, transcripts or re-enrollment contracts if tuition and fees are past due. Re-enrollment contracts will not be accepted for the next year until all debts are cleared from the current year. If tuition becomes delinquent after re-enrollment, the student will be considered conditional until all debts are cleared from the previous year. The student's seat may be in jeopardy and filled with a student from the waiting pool.

In accordance with the practice found at the majority of independent schools, Redeemer Episcopal Academy considers a family’s contribution based upon the evaluation completed by the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS). Information about this service can be found at https://sss.ets.org/, and forms can be completed on-line. In determining eligibility for financial aid, this service considers gross taxable income, liabilities, assets, family size and the number of children in tuition-charging schools. Built into the assessment is an allowance for basic necessities and taxes. The remaining funds are considered discretionary income eligible for investment in the child’s education. REA’s policy and procedure require submission of a family’s income tax forms including all schedules, W-2 forms, 1099 forms, form 4506, as well as a copy of the Parents’ Financial Statement (generated by SSS). REA may, after evaluation of submitted information, determine a different parent contribution from the SSS calculation. The committee will, for example, disallow depreciation and most losses on second homes and investment properties and hobby businesses. The committee also will consider the potential for income to be earned by a non-working parent who does not have small children at home.

Once information has been received from SSS, the Financial Aid Committee will determine the financial aid award and payment schedule. A contract will be signed by both parties.

The Financial Aid Committee maintains strict confidentiality over financial aid files. Faculty and students are not informed of financial aid decisions. REA trusts that the family will keep the same discretion regarding awards and decisions.

For information about the Dr. John Cooper Scholarship Fund, please contact the Headmaster.


"We chose Redeemer Episcopal Academy because we felt it was right for our daughter. We wanted a school that truly makes an effort to get to know each child and his or her potential. We wanted individualized instructional time where teachers work with their students based on their individual needs." -Amanda, 2nd Grade Parent  


Redeemer Episcopal Academy is open to all children
regardless of race, gender, creed, religion or national origin

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