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  Character Building

REA - Building CharacterAt Redeemer, great importance is placed on developing both the intellect and the character of our students. We expect our students to exercise wisdom and good judgment to prepare them to be contributing members of the global community. These expectations are continually reinforced through the adherence to our Honor Code.

As a member of the REA Community, I pledge to:
• Be responsible for my actions
• Always do my best as an individual and as part of a team
• Respect others
• Respect myself
• Practice kindness and consideration
• Celebrate the joyful, beautiful and holy
• Not lie, cheat or steal
• Be able to delegate one's responsibilities and, in case of problems with the performance of academic tasks, research or conducting social surveys, turn to the sociology essay writing service for help.
• I will follow this Honor Code and I will help others do the same as ambassadors of God’s grace and everlasting love.

The Honor Code is a standard by which our lives are judged, our respect is earned and our work is validated. Our school family and the system of honor upon which it stands is strong and effective when every person in the school community believes in and lives by these basic principles.

Dr. Klein explains the Honor Code in practical ways that students understand. An Honor Code articulates the covenant of honesty, responsibility and moral behavior which binds all of the REA community. It is a window through which students see what it means to be authentically human and faithful children of God.


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