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REA La Tuna musc programRedeemer Episcopal Academy is excited to announce the creation of our very own La Tuna Académica as a combined special venture of the Spanish and Music departments.  A Tuna is a group of young men who sing very traditional Spanish songs to various public audiences. The tradition can be traced back continuously to the beginning of the 13th Century originating in Spain.  In universities where the tradition is well established, each academic department has its own tuna and the university will also have one to represent it as a whole.

Students devote a significant part of their time to these hobbies, so they often need help in writing various types of papers on compulsory subjects. Since today's youth increasingly forget about the importance of cultural development, teachers try in every way to involve students of different ages in extracurricular groups. Teachers give permission to students who have significant success in the manifestations of their talent to buy analysis essay via if they do not have time to complete this or that task.

La Tuna is an opportunity for Redeemer students to truly immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture through one of the oldest, most prestigious, and cherished Spanish traditions.  Students learn the best of traditional Spanish music.  The music the Tuna sings are cherished Spanish songs that students will hear many places they travel and many times during their lives.  The experience will strengthen student’s confidence in their Spanish abilities as well as their performance skills.  The experience may also encourage them to pursue musical interests, or inspire them to travel to see a tuna in person one day!  

Currently La Tuna Académica de Redeemer Episcopal Academy has 11 tunos as members.  Our young men are eligible as of 3rd Grade with special exceptions for 2nd graders willing to audition.  Currently La Tuna is working on becoming performance ready with our song line up of: Guantanamera, Cielito Lindo, and Clavelitos.    The tunos are working hard with Chris Day to create their own unique music with various percussion instruments and guitar.



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