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Redeemer Episcopal Academy is founded on faith, and is welcoming to families of all faith backgrounds. Through its faith-based learning, Redeemer seeks to establish a foundation of Biblical knowledge, foster a sense of service to others, build moral awareness and acceptance while encouraging critical thinking and discernment.

Each week, all students and faculty gather for worship. Our chapel service is grounded in the liturgy of morning prayer from the Anglican tradition, but it is adapted in an age-appropriate manner so that our youngest students can experience meaningful messages that relate faith to life.

The pattern of prayer, song and scripture provide opportunities for students to be full participants in what is, in fact, their chapel service.

Most services are led by The Reverend Joseph D. Greene, pastor of The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Greensboro, Ga., with guest pastors of various denominations leading services throughout the year.
Parents and friends are invited to attend each Chapel Service.

Sacred Stories
In Sacred Stories, we share with each class the rich treasure of stories and lessons to be found in Holy Scripture. More than simply telling the stories in the Bible, we encourage the students, regardless of age, to discuss, ask questions and explore what the stories say to them. We embrace the Anglican/ Episcopal tradition of scripture, tradition and reason and work to imbue our students with a sense of inquiry that will stay with them throughout their lives as people of faith.

Grace before meals
“Give us grateful hearts, O God, for all your mercies; and make us mindful of the needs of others. Amen.”



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