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The Winged Lion is the icon of St. Mark the Evangelist and of the Gospel of Mark, the first of the four canonical gospels. The winged lion is one of the four heavenly beings witnessed by the prophet Ezekiel in his vision, along with the winged man (the icon for the Gospel of Matthew), the winged ox (the icon for the Gospel of Luke) and the eagle (the icon for the Gospel of John).
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The winged lion represents the opening of the Gospel of Mark which begins with St. John the Baptist “crying out in the wilderness,” just as a lion roars in the wilderness. In addition, ancient mythology taught that the lion slept with one eye open. This was interpreted as a symbol of the expectation of Christ returning in glory.

For REA, the winged lion also represents pride: pride in the school and in our devotion to being about the work of God in the world. The winged lion also represents pride as it is applied to a group of lions. Realizing that we are all joined together as the body of Christ, the winged lion represents us as a pride.



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