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REA Lion's Share FundRedeemer Episcopal Academy’s Annual Fund Initiative

Many of the programs, resources and opportunities that set Redeemer apart are not supported by tuition alone. Redeemer tries to help students in many-sided and uses different ways to do it. For example, we allow students to use mba essay writing service But our really pride is that Redeemer relies on additional fundraising initiatives to bridge the gap between its tuition income and the cost of operating the school.

Through its annual giving campaign – the “lion’s share” of all fundraising efforts – Redeemer is able to keep tuition costs down while continuing to provide an exceptional learning experience for its students.
The Lion’s Share Fund supports:

  • Existing art, music, foreign language and athletic programs
  • The development of new activities and enrichment opportunities
  • Classroom improvements and new learning stations
  • Technology enhancements
  • Materials and resources to support curriculum
  • The recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty
  • Campus improvements
  • Tuition assistance for promising students
  • Additional operating expenses

The Lion’s Share Fund is what keeps Redeemer different. It enables the school to support its priorities, maintain its standard of excellence and give its students an edge in the world of education.
As Redeemer moves forward amidst phenomenal growth, the Lion’s Share Fund plays an increasingly important role in ensuring its financial stability for the future.
Whatever your ability to give, each contribution to the Lion’s Share Fund makes a significant and immediate impact on the school and its students. Redeemer fully appreciates the generosity of its donors and recognizes their commitments through various gift levels.

St. Mark’s Society:
The school is privileged to have faithful benefactors whose contributions reflect the great value they place in Redeemer. Those willing to give $1,000 or more to the Lion’s Share Fund are invited to become a part of the St. Mark’s Society. Named for St. Mark the Evangelist and represented by the iconic Winged Lion, the Society serves to honor those committed to heralding our school’s vision and helping our students take flight.

  • $50,000 Winged Lion
  • $25,000 Platinum Lion
  • $10,000 Gold Lion
  • $5,000 Silver Lion
  • $1,000 Bronze Lion

Redeemer Friends & Family:
Support comes from all levels, and Redeemer understands that the spirit of giving is just as important as the amount of giving. Redeemer honors all commitments from those willing to give according to their ability –  those who provide the solid foundation on which we build.

  • $500 Sponsor
  • $250 Supporter
  • $100 Friend
  • Other

Thank you for considering a gift to our annual campaign. Together, we can “Raise the Lion’s Share” for Redeemer, and ensure its continued success.


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