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Redeemer Academy CurriculumAt Redeemer Episcopal Academy, we believe in stretching our students to achieve their fullest potential using a variety of programs to support our curriculum including:

A professional letter writing service
Traditional letter writing may be considered old-fashioned, but it still serves a purpose.  However, many pupils struggle with writing, so they often find a professional letter writer to do their homework for them.

Curriculum Committee:
As part of our relentless pursuit of excellence, Redeemer Episcopal Academy is under the advisement of a Curriculum Committee comprised of unpaid, professionals in the field of education who are outside of the REA community. The committee routinely observes our classrooms to identify our strengths and provide direction for the future.

Under advisement of unpaid professional educators and consultation with premier independent schools in Georgia, the Headmaster and Faculty of Redeemer Episcopal Academy have written curriculum standards that are encompassing of basic skills in the four major disciplines (language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science), as well as broad attention to the humanities. Our goal is for Redeemer students to experience a well-rounded education that is reminiscent of the classic education of earlier years. We incorporate a rich literature base to supplement traditional grade-level textbooks.

We use the following programs for some of our instruction:

Reading Street
Scott Foresman Reading Street focuses on scientifically researched indicators of reading accomplishment including phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension and fluency. It was authored by nationally recognized experts, teachers and researchers. Reading Street integrates other subjects into the program so students are learning science and social studies concepts in conjunction with reading and comprehension skills.

Everyday Math
Everyday Mathematics is the result of a more than 20 year University of Chicago School of Mathematics Project based on extensive research, teacher input, and classroom testing. While it teaches the basics, Everyday Mathematics also instructs students in a broad range of concepts applicable in real-world situations. It is currently used by more than 2.8 million students.

ArtSense Elements
ArtSense is a nationally-recognized program that teaches the elements and principals of art using hands-on projects to help children experience them in an exciting and engaging manner. In addition, ArtSense carries those elements and principals of art across the curriculum including science, math, reading and social studies. Currently, ArtSense is used across the country in both private and public education environments.

Viva el español
Designed specifically for young children, this program develops communicative competence in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and Hispanic cultures. The progression is gradual and linguistically appropriate. Language acquisition becomes a positive, non-threatening experience, similar to the way children learn their first language.

As we grow, we are adding components to further enrich the educational experiences of our students. These experiences will include additional extra-curricular activities in the after-school program, as well as opportunities for academic competitions.


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