REA Book Review
REA students take part in monthly 'Read All About It' program

EATONTON – March 25, 2011 -- Students at Redeemer Episcopal Academy are being encouraged to “Read All About It” as part of the school’s new literary program.

Each month, one student is chosen from grades 2 through 5 to write and present a book review to all students at REA. Each review is unique to the student and may include illustrations, excerpts and details as to why others should read the book.

Also, as part of the “Read All About It” program, the students in 2nd through 5th grade compile a “Top Ten Must Read” list that includes titles of works that have been read and recommended by the students.

The “Guess Who” portion of the program creates riddles to stimulate critical thinking and deduction skills in the students. Vague clues are provided about and author and the students research and then submit guesses. If they are correct, the students work with Mrs. Kim Cash to provide the next clue, hoping to stump other students.

One book is selected each month as the “Spotlight Book,” singled out as an appropriate book for students to read and enjoy. This month’s title is “Treasure Island,” by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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